Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Our Little Friend

Walt: think about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.
Cracks, Screams,  Races !
Did you ever have a little friend ? Well Mr Goodwin’s literacy class have had an experience of having a little friend and would like to share with you.

Our Little friends were little eggs! I thought our teacher had gone insane! Anyway, when we got our little friends, we had to be really really careful in case we drop them. Me and Hethet were panthers for this activity. When we had to draw a face on the egg. And we also got to name them. Me and Hethet name our little friend Abby.

After naming, and drawing a face on our eggs, the whole literacy class went to the senior park. On the way, to the park Me and Hethet took turns holding Abby. Hethet went first. By the time we got to the park Hethet was holding the egg.

Do you know what we did when we got to the park. Well I’ll give you a little hint : balancing an egg ! Well if you guess balancing an egg then you are correct ! So Anyway when we got to the park we stopped by the corner and Mr Goodwin gave our next instructions. After he first gave our instructions he gave out spoons. It was really hard, because we had to balance our little friends on spoons.

What I thought about this weird experience is  that was kind of fun, some of our classmates dropped their little friends and some ended up wit
h cracks in them. It also was really hard balancing an egg on a spoon, but fortunately I was last to balance Abby on the spoon.I had a great time and I wish to do this next time. But next time I would like to be panthers wit someone else. Because Hethet was sad after giving our egg back.

Description of Learning :
Today we learnt how to write purpose. To write our paragraph we did egg racing, we learnt how to write about our topic and don't write about something else.

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