Sunday, 13 September 2015

About the Trade & Enterprise Market

It all started with assembly. We went to another school assembly. It began with the same national anthem of New Zealand. After an hour or more the assembly was over.And we went back to class, and did silent reading. Everyone sat down with a book,  and started reading. I read my library book, that I got from the School library. After Silent reading, we had to go to our home room. After we went to our home room, to do the roll. We could go to our Trade & Enterprise groups,  my group is jewellery & accessories.

In jewellery & accessories,  our group teacher had a chat with us. She talked about what we were doing in this block. She also talked about where our group was going to be in the year five & four block. Which was across the middle, which had some groups that were from the Kitchen group. Anyway we all had to move from the year six six & some year five block to the year five & four block. We went through the sea of students, to Mrs Jacobson ' s classroom. 

When my group got there. Heather one of my business partner asked the our teacher Mrs Mackinlay,  where our group's stall was. And she said we were at the back of the classroom. We got ready and put our products in front of the stall. We also had a lot of people who came to our stall. Me, lahval and Heather had a lot of customers and friends. 

By the end of the market we had no idea we would have no products left by the end of the market. So that's why we had to start making some more. And we had two clients who are going to get their purchases on Monday next week.  

My thoughts about the market,  we're really good.  Basically because we  were really having a good time at the market place. And I made a lot of money,  at the end of the market. I actually had 21pts. Because I had 12pts, and I had 9pts which equals 21pts.  

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