Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My holiday highlight

Wow ! you’ll never guess what I did in the second week of the holidays?  

If you want to know you’ll have to keep on reading.
It all started on a sunday morning, Iwoke up as early as I could to go watch t.v, So off I went tiptoeing past my mum and dad’s room and  into the living  room and then grabbed the t.v remote. Suddenly I heard a bang of a door, it was just my Sister. She is just three years smaller then me, her name is Zaeeda. So me and Zaeeda started to watch tv, it was funny because me and zaeeda both liked the same TV show, it ‘s called Teen Titans. Befor teen titans was on telly, Secret Mount Fort was on the t.v, and So we watched it, at that moment suddenly we both went quiet. Then we both saw the door open and it was just my little sister.

After a while my mum woke up so we turned off the t.v. and went to brush our teeth. Then my dad woke up and he went to brush his teeth, then we all got dressed and went shopping at sylvia park it was cool. We brought cool things like mega tail looms, and other things.

1404353590363.7.jpgAfterwards we went home and I went in my room and made a mega tail in pretty colours. I loved my school hoilday, but most of all I missed my friends !


  1. Hi Alisha I like your writing It looks amazing

  2. thank you Alisha me and Heather missed you to


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