Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ten waka for Xmas !

Ten Waka For Christmas JJ33 - Part One
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LI: I am learning to use the text to search for answers.

1. What problem was Jemma having?  
she been testing her paper boats in the but it goes all floppy and soggy.

2. Why do you think Jemma and Toby are making Christmas presents instead of buying them? so they can have a boat race at the end.

3. Why did Mum have to help with the sticks? because she had to a sharpe knife to shape the boat on the chopping broad.

4. Why do you think the waka was called a ‘double waka’?
because the double waka works well and it also was’t tip over. So it means that it can floats lightly on the water.

5. How many double waka did they have to make?
they had to make ten wakas for xmas.

6. Why did Toby think it was a good idea for their family to name their waka on Christmas Day? because sometimes people do not like their names.

7. In paint draw a photo of the scene when Jemma is having a problem or when the kids are  figuring out how many waka they need to make.
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