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Life on the River

\Life on the River 1.3.04
from the Mekong River. [5]
WALT: Use the text to find clues and information.

1. Find  in Google maps - zoom out, then take a screenshot (making sure New Zealand is in the map). Insert the screenshot below:
Screenshot 2014-05-06 at 10.01.10.png
2. What do the people of Mekong do when they park? There are no cars or garages so the people of Mekong park their boats in boat shelters along the riverbanks.

3. State two facts about the river:The Mekong River is more than 4500 kilometres long - it ‘s one of the longest rivers in the world.

4. Why are the houses built so high? The houses are built high on stilts above the river so that they won’t be flooded when the water levels change and the big rains come.  

5. What does Mihn specialise in?Mihn makes rice noodles over a huge hotplate. she shapes the noodles with a large rolling pin and lays the flattened sheets in the sun to dry, like giant pancakes.when they are dry she cuts them into noodles ready for sale.Mihn also makes sticky doughnuts for her son Nguyen sells after school and in the holidays.

6. What are some things the people of Mekong like to do for fun?For Vo Van, Nguyen, and their friends, the river is a playground. The riverbank is the perfect place to fly kites, blow bubbles, and play with balloons. Families pile into large boats to go for picnics or to visit friend and relatives. And on a hot day, what could be better then leaping off a bridge - into the cool water of one the longest rivers in the world!

PMI Chart - What are the plus (good), minus (bad), and interesting factors about living on the river?

Plus +++
Minus - - -
Interesting !!!
The Riverbank is the perfect place for fly kites, blowing bubbles, playing with balloons. and having picnics
The houses are built high on stilts above the river so that they won’t be flooded when the river level changes and the big rain come.
going school on a boat.
if you want to visit your friends or family, most of the time you take to their house.
the Ba Lai River,

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