Friday, 28 February 2014

What does friendship mean to you?

what  does   friendship  mean  to  you  ?
P1. Do you  want  to  know  what  a  good  friend  is ?  well  let  me  explain      being   a   Friend  is  about  being  helpful   kind   caring and   generous  Also  respectful  to  other, you need to  be respectful. Also When your  friend  has  forgot  to  their  crayons, you  could  share your  crayons with them.

A   generous  friend   loves  to  share.For  example  if  you   are  hungry  and  you  have  no   lunch   your  friend   will   share  with  you. also  if   your   friend  is   generous  they  would   share   their  crayon with  you.  
And  there  you  go  I  have  told  you  how  to  be  a  good  friend. and  remember  to  be  respectful   to  other  and   to  be  generous  and   might   get  a   friend.                                                Feb 28, 2014 10:48:25 AM.jpg

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