Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brand New Netbooks

Wow ! you  would  never  guess  what  class  10  did  last  week?  We  went  to  the  hall  to  
get  our   brand  new  netbook. At   ten  o’ clock  we  walked  down  to  the  hall  when   we
got  to  there  Mrs  Burt  and  class 9  were  there. My  class  and  I   had  to  sit  on   the
chairs  and  wait  until   we  opened  the   netbook.

Afterwards, Mr and  Mrs  Burt   was  telling   us  about   the  rules  about   keep  a  netbook. Mr Burt  also  said   to  put  our  netbook  chargers  in   the  right  place.

All  of   a   sudden  it was  time  to  open the   netbook, I  am  so  glad  that  I   got  my chromebook, it  is  a  awesome  learning  tool.

After   that   we  logged   on   and  had  a   little   play  a   round  on   the   netbook  it  was  so  fun.  Then  it  was  time  to  go   back  to  class   then   I  got  my  netbook  bag,  then  lined and  walked   back  to   class. 

When  we  came  to  class. I  was  so  excited  I  could  not  eat.    I   was  so  excited   I
could  not   eat  my  morning  tea.

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  1. Hi Alisha, I love hearing about your new Chromebook. That was a very exciting day wasn't it? I hope you have a lot of fun in your learning with it.

    Mrs. Burt


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