Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Dark Moon

The Dark Moon
The sun’s rays bursted through the curtains and continuosly shone on her eyes. “Today is such a sunny day” Sarah thought as she brushed her teeth. She wandered into the kitchen while still trying to decided what to have for breakfast. She ate her breakfast in a quick five minutes, She gave a hearty burp and started texting her friends to met her outside her house in 15 minutes.

Sarah asked her friends if they wanted to go camping during the holidays. The place was far from Auckland, but if was only a two hour drive. But if they beat the traffic they could get there in an hour and half. She luckily found a car to travel in and started packing her bags. Sarah’s friend text her if it was alright for them to leave without her and she texted back say it’s fine.

They all left together but into vehicles. Sarah kept a steady pace but as she drove on and on, she was soon fast approaching a vast forest. But just as she seemed to being soon reaching her destination, her car broke down.

Sarah tried using her phone but there was any reception. It was going to get dark soon, suddenly there was a loud noise, similiar to someone in pain. Sarah had a bad feeling about this, so she and her friend to get in the car.

Soon night emerged and the two was getting tired, it had been a long day for both of them. After a couple of hours of sleeping, the two awake to the sound of someone sleeping. They both rushed out of the car to see what was the sound of someone in pain.

Sarah and her friend Mackenzie overthrown by the power of curiousity and wondered into the forest. They continued walking until the sound repeated itself once more. This time they couldn’t resist continuing on.

It was very dark but fortunately, the moon was abled to light the way a bit through the trees. Mackenzie felt as if something or someone following them but when she turned around there was nothing. Sarah and Mackenzie kept walking until they felt like they were getting closer.

The sound repeated itself once more, this time Sarah and Mackenzie were sure that they were close. Mackenzie had a feeling that they were being followed.”Hey Sarah, I feel like that someone or something is following us” said Mackenzie, “Yeah, Me too” said Sarah.

As they both stopped and started looking around. Suddenly Mackenzie felt something sratch her foot but there was nothing. Fortunately it was a deep cut and the two of them continued on. Sarah could see from far that there was a small hut, and decided to check it out.

Sarah and Mackenzie continued on, towards the small hut. As they reach closer and closer to the hut, they soon notice thousands of dead bodies hanging from trees and some sticks. The two stopped for a moment and hesitated on continuing on.

The two continued on, walking past dead bodies of women and men. Suddenly the sound ringed again through the forest and kept echoing in their eyes. Sarah and Mackenzie both rushed towards the door and knocked on it.

After a moment of waiting, soon the door creaked open and an old women appeared behind it. She had huge banges under both eyes. Her hair was a sliver color and was trembling with fear. She asked both of them why they were here in a creepy voice.

Sarah and Mackenzie said “ We were wondering what the sound was and wanted to know what it was. She said it was a strange creature that creates creepy noises just to attract victims and kill them.
Mackenzie asked “ Do you know anything like the name ?”, the old lady raised one eyebrow and said “ It name is Ciphered because its eyes turn red whenever it kills. But the strangest thing about it, is that its always follows its victims until it’s time to kill them.

Sarah and Mackenzie waited for a moment before going back to the car. Sarah and Mackenzie carried on walking but suddenly stopped, they thought they had heard something in the bushes. Mackenzie thought is was the thing that was following them and started running towards the car.

Sarah was left behind a second, but very soon they both were running in top speed heading towards the car. Soon they were fast approaching the car and they got inside. Soon the sound was heard again but this time there were a few scratches in the car door and front.

Sadly the old women forgot to tell Sarah and Mackenzie that the creature could turn invisible. The Car was being shaked and pushed in every direction. Sarah looked at Mackenzie carefully, and realised that she wasn’t sleeping but in fact dead. The Creature had killed Mackenzie, and Sarah was the only one left. Sarah had no choice but to run and find some place to hide. As Sarah was trying to escape something grabbed her from behind and ....


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  1. Hi Alisha,
    I really enjoyed reading your narrative story,I like how you showed suspense in you story as well. Also I enjoyed the hook of your story too!


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