Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Reflection of 2016

This year has been a great year. I’ve learned a bit more in literacy and Maths. But most importantly, my confidence has grown a bit more. Some of the highlights this year would Rainbow’s End with all the year 7’s.

The trip to Rainbow’s End was great and I had alot of fun. We got divided into groups of 6, in my group it was made up of : Anahere, Me Machelle, Amethyst, Lanzie and Lomio. The first ride we went on was the Scorpion Karts, you could do as many laps as u wanted. I came first in the Scorpion Karts.

My favourite ride at Rainbow’s End was Fearfall,  because it was funny when we came screaming down. My favourite ride at Rainbow’s End was the Roller Coaster, because it went round and round, and cause we went on twice.  

Something that I’m proud of this year is my blog, because I completed most of my work and finished it.

A message or something I would take with me for 2017 would be what I have learnt this year and my friendships. I would definetly that them with me for 2017 because it would have help through 2017 and the coming years in college.

The things that I have learnt in this school, I will take with me to college. And all the friendships I have made will be with me for all my life.

Some goals for next year would be to make a HUGE improvement on my maths and writing. I want to make a HUGE improvement because in college I don’t want to be put in the wrong class.

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