Thursday, 1 September 2016

Cyber Bullied

Cyber Bullied
Cyberbullying is the most cases why children commit suicide. Cyber bullying must be stopped, and if you ever get cyber bullied then tell an adult or someone you trust.  This problem occurred to a kid at a school a few years ago :

Jonathan is a solitary kid who’s best friend is a dog. He aces all  of his classes in comparison to any other average kid, he fails at any physical activities. After school everyday he arrives home to his parents yelling at each other, like their lions attacking each other.

The next day as he was entering his house, it was especially quiet. He headed towards the kitchen to get himself a snack, when he was stopped in his tracks by his mum and was told to sit down in the living room. As he did what he was told, his mind was wondering “what’s happening ?”.

As he slumped himself on one of the couches, his parents sat opposite to him and talk him the news. As his mum began “ We have something to tell you, we are getting a divorce”. Jonathan wasn’t shock at all, he just gave a little nod. Jonathon already knew his parents were getting a divorce. The night before, he overheard his parents talking about it.

That night Jonathan logged on to his mail, saw a ton of messages. Those messages weren’t ordinary, they were negative messages. As he went and clicked on one, he readed what it said “ you’re a weirdo, people don’t talk to u because they think you’re weird!”. Jonathan quickly clicked out of it and trashed the rest of the negative messages.

The next couple of weeks Jonathon was staying at his Mum’s house with his pal Buddy. When he stayed at his Mum’s, he always checked his mail for any messages. But the only type of message he got were nasty ones. He felt miserable, he didn’t eat much or play with Buddy.
One night as Jonathan came from school, he logged on to his mail as usual. While he was waiting, he decided to get himself a snack and headed towards the kitchen. As he was going downstairs, Jonathan's mum entered his room to put away some laundry.

As she was set Jonathan’s laundry on his bed, her eyes landed on Jonathan’s laptop which was open. She put down the laundry basket and quickly picked up the laptop. When she did, her eyes widen with shock from seeing how many nasty massages her son got. She decided to open one, so she clicked on the first one. Jonathan’s mum was worried about her son receiving these mean messages.

That night when Jonathan came upstairs, his mum was waiting for him. Jonathan came upstairs and headed down the hallway to his room, the first one on the right. He opened his room and saw his mum in there, and said “Mum, what are you doing in here?”. And his mum replied “I was putting away some laundry, when I saw your email open”. Jonathan’s mum talked to Jonathan about him getting cyber bullied.

The next day, Jonathan and his Mum arrived at his school. They headed towards the office and asked if they could talk to the Principal. The reception let them straight through to a small perfectly tidy office. As they entered, a tall dark figure was staring out into the bright sky.  

They all sat down and Jonathan’s Mum started to inform the principal, about what was going on. The principal understood at once, and knew who the bully was. The principal told Jonathan and his mum to wait for him in his office. After a while he arrives back with a tall bulky looking kid. His face had a big black long eyebrow with big bulging eyes, and a fat nose.

He introduces the boy to Jonathan’s Mum, as she sees him says” So you’re the one who’s bullying my son online?”. And the Bulky tall looking kid gives a slight nod, the principal says “ This is Morris, Mrs Henderson”. Then Principal Batterson asks the bulky looking boy “ Why have you been bullying Jonathan?” and Morris says “ Yeah, because he’s a lonely little nerd”. Principal Batterson says “ Stop it, because this school is an anti bullying school so you’re doing cafeteria duty after school for 6 weeks”.

Principal Batterson tells Morris that he’ll be ringing up his parents. After sending Morris back to class, Principal Batterson thanks Miss Henderson for telling him about the problem. So from this experience, Jonathan made friends who’s names are : Tim Parker and Jacob Armstrong. Jonathan learned to tell someone if there’s a problem and he never got bullied from that day on.

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