Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly  
Music’s blaring through the hall and breeze, you can hear the music booming from the speakers.The song’s called We are the champions by Queen. Each new term, we have a different topic. This Term’s topic is “ We are the Champions”. It’s mostly going to be about the 2016 Olympics which is held in Brazil, Rio.

Team one is learning about how the Olympic athletes keep fit during the Olympics. They’re also learning about what healthy food athletes eat and what type of drink do they drink. Team one’s also learning about how athletes train and prepare for the Olympic in Brazil, Rio. I’m so looking forward to seeing my little sister’s work who’s in team one. During Team one’s performance after the movie, Mrs George did a little quiz for prizes she gave out Whitaker chocolate.

Team two are going to be learning about Brazil and are going to be studying the important countries which are involved with the Olympics. This year, the 2016 Olympics are being held in Rio, Brazil. They’re also going to be doing geography.

Team three is learning about the Olympic sports. They’re going to be choosing an Olympic sport and researching it. Team 3’s also going to be searching for a New Zealander who has played that sport, or is going to the Olympics to play that sport. I’m so looking forward to seeing my other sister’s work who’s in team three.

Team four is learning about the Olympics. They’re going to be learning about the behind the scenes of the Olympics. They’re also going to be learning about the drugs and cheats athletes take so they preform really well.

Last but not least, Team 5, we’re learning about the human body. We’re also going to be learning about the human body and how they work together for athletes to perform well. And how they  maintain good health and train for the Olympics.

My favourite Team was Team 3 because it was funny. It was funny to see the teacher in Team 3 trying to guess what type of sports were in the Olympics. In team 3’s movie the teachers who were involved were : Mr Blakey, Mrs Belt, Miss Peck, Mr Moran, Mrs King.

My second favourite team was Team 5 because it was a live performance and was funny. While most of the other teams were movies instead of live performances. The performance involved : Miss Berry, Mr Wiseman, Mrs Tele’a, Ms Va’afusaga and Ms Clark.

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