Thursday, 23 June 2016

Who ate my sandwich ? ..... Not me

Who ate my sandwich ? .... Not me
As I open the refrigerator on a mission to find food, at that moment it was one o'clock in the afternoon, I had eaten a hearty breakfast but my stomach keeped yelling at me. I kept on rumbling through the refrigerator in search of a snack.

At last I found something to eat ....... Leftover Pizza from last night. “Yum ! I thought as pizza often tastes better the next day when the flavours really sank in.  I eagerly popped the pizza in the microwave and hit a couple of buttons. After a few seconds of waiting which felt like hours, it was finally done. I ate the pizza in 4 quick bites, the bubbling mozzarella melted in my mouth ...... mmm so good. The spicy salami sizzled in my mouth, I ate the pizza and keeped rummaging through the refrigerator.

Soon I got bored and decided to watch a movie, so I headed towards the living room. I grabbed my tablet and sat on the cozy couch. I started watching a movie, it was about a kid who became a karate world champion. It was a bit like karate kid, except he became a world champion at karate. Part way through the movie, I got hungry again.

This time, I decided to make myself a sandwich it would be perfect I thought to myself. I strolled to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. I took out a loaf of wholegrain bread, lettuce, mayonnaise, chicken, tomatoes, grated carrot. I took out two pieces of bread and started to spread mayonnaise all over it.

Then I took out some lettuce and put them on both pieces of bread, after that I took a handful of grated carrots and spreaded all over it. Then I took the chicken and put them both on each sides. Finally, I had finished making my ultimate sandwich.

After making my ultimate sandwich, I went to grab a drink. When I returned my ultimate sandwich was missing. “Noooooo” I said when suddenly from behind the bench, I saw a head sticking out. I stroll over to investigate, when suddenly I saw who steal my sandwich ..... it was my sister. She sat there eating my sandwich, like she didn’t do anything. “Nooooo” I screamed, while she kept on eating.

Afterwards when she had finished, she gave a hearty burp and walked off. I stood there stunned, and gave up on making my ultimate sandwich. I decided to get a subway sandwich, so I grabbed my Nike bag and headed for the mall.

The End .....


  1. Hi Alisha I really like your writing I wish I could see you one day and you can write a letter for me. Keep Up the Good Work
    From Leuwina

    1. Hi Leuwina
      Thanks for commenting on my blog, and we go to the same school you know
      From Alisha

  2. Hi there Alisha,

    I really like the way that you wrote your Writing in a really detailed way and that you added some detailed about the Character and what happened at the end with your own Character.

    Keep up the great work and I really look forward to your next Blog Post.

    From Roimata Ru


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