Saturday, 9 April 2016

Fiafia 2016 !!!!

Fiafia 2016
“ Finally it’s Wednesday, so today’s Fiafia Eve ! ”
I thought as I walked through the street door, thinking it was finally here. It’s finally here after two years of waiting. It’s kind of like a tradition at Point England school I guess,  Fiafia been around for years, so today’s kind of Fiafia Eve almost like Christmas Eve.  

I'm so looking forward to the food stalls, and most importantly the performances. Every second year at fiafia time, there is a audience of over six hundred. And this year, there’s going to be more than 6 hundred. It’s going to be packed with families who have come to see their children perform.

This year, there are a few more groups than the last time I could remember. This year I'm in the rock band for Fiafia and the song we’re performing is from Guns N Roses, which some of you might know or not know. But the song is called Sweet Child of Mine.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to be there on the night, due to I have after school classes. For an example, it’s like French classes but it’s Arabic Classes. And after Arabic classes, I have to go to a funeral service. But I saw everyone’s act on Wednesday, and they looked awesome.

I'm totally looking forward to the prefromences. Today we’re having a full rehearsal of Fiafia, so every group had a sneak peek of every group. This year I'm looking forward to seeing the senior hip hop, because I saw the sneak peek of senior hip hop and there good and I really like the song their dancing to.

The second group I'm looking forward to seeing is the Junior hip hop group, because I also really like their song mash up. And It’s cool but there dance moves are cool too. And last but not least, I liked was the middle hip hop group, because that group’s last song was the Dab and it’s a really cool song.

Today is Friday, the day after Fiafia. This morning the whole school saw the snippets of each group, thanks to Mrs Lagitupu (She’s the PENN Teacher). Anyway the group I like the most is Senior Hip Hop, because two reasons. One reason is because two of my best friends are in Senior Hip hop. And two because I really like the remix of songs they danced to.

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