Thursday, 3 December 2015

Animation form TERM 4

This is my animation for Term 4. We are learning about Adaptations, animals and their habitats. Like a Polar bear is an animal which lives in the Arctic environments. It has a lot of adaptations that help it survive in the cold temperatures.

 But in the second part of our animation we have to adapt the polar bear so it can survive in the desert. For an example, how does the Polar bear keep warm well good question because a Polar Bear has a layer of fat under its skin which helps it stay warm in the water when it goes for a swim.

 It also has a thick layer of fur. In my Animation there is Polar bear who will survive in the desert, by eating plants and insects. It will be the colour cream so it can camouflage in the desert, and it also has no layer of fat underneath its skin so it can not get warm in the hot temperatures.

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