Thursday, 23 July 2015

If I had a million dollars

If I had a million Dollars at the Mall
Walt: Write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.
WOW !  Having a million dollars, would be a dream come true.I would really spend it on not important stuff.I could buy every thing I wanted.That would be so cool.

Spending ⅓ of my million dollars at Toyworld would be amusing. Besides I could get lots and lots of cool toys.Or more Lego smurfs and collect them, maybe I could get both.I could get lots of new outdoor toys, and lots of new indoor toys.

Also at JB Hi fi I would buy a brand new TV, a Xbox and big speakers, also a pencil case with speakers too. So when I play my Xbox it would be like being at the movies.The pencil case with speakers is like a pencil case but it’s got speakers in front on the front cover.

At Footlocker, I would buy new pairs of shoes in all kinds of colours.But most of all I would buy Nikes, instead of adidas. Also I’ll buy awesome new black & purple Nikes.

I prefer Smiggle ‘s stationery.I like love their rainbow pencils, their water bracelets and their giant rubbers, that’s in every colour.I like Smiggles because they're my favourite stationery shop, Plus they got cool stationery in my favourite colour : purple.

I would have prefer spending my million dollars at a different mall.But I would been more responsible but  I spend my money on stuff I wouldn't need.If I was more responsible with my money.I would have payed for all the bills at my house, and on top of that I would pay for my sister’s netbook next year too.

Our task was to open the template doc that our teacher had made.
We had to write about what we would buy from the mall if we had a million dollars, from different stores, including JB Hi Fi, Toyworld and Footlocker.

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