Monday, 24 November 2014

Our Trip to The Auckland Art Gallery

The Trip to the Auckland Art Gallery  

Guess What Classes 10, 9 and 7 form Pt England School did ?
Do you know why we went to the Art Gallery ?
Well I can tell you.The Reason why we went to the Art gallery was because this term the theme is Art Attack.

Well it all started on a Friday morning,we usually have assembly.But this Friday was exciting.The Second bell rang and all of us, putted our lunch boxes and drink bottles in the bag and lined up.Then we started to go to the buses outside the school gates.After a while of walking we got to  the buses.We got in the buses and drove off to the art gallery.  

After a while of driving we got to the art gallery, I was so excited that I couldn't sit down. After that we went to the main entries, but we were a little early so we waited.Anyway While we were waiting,we played some games.While we were waiting a group ladies came and they told to us about the Art gallery, their names were Mandy, Alice, charlotte and linda.finally at the doors opened at 10:00 and the People that had bags they had to go put in the lockers.

Afterwards we had putted our  bags away we could start the tours.Guess where my group went first ? We went to the Lego table first and at the Lego table we could build anything with it.But before that Alice told us a rule.The rule was not to touch other peoples pieces.Then she said after the Lego session we could self guide and if we need help or got lost,we could ask the people that had a shirt on that said Light show.Anyway back to the Lego table after she had talked to us, we could go to the Lego table and build, After a while I finished my master piece, it was a cake.

After lunch time and morning tea time.It was my Favourite part of the day because after lunch we were going to the studio with mandy.In the studio we got to create a story jar.A story jar is a jar that we had to tell a story in.My story jar was about a golin who had a party on Halloween, he invited his friends ghosty,vamie,and sparrow.But before that we had to draw them.And after when we are finished we could start painting and colouring.But that mandy showed us how to paint, She said “do not brush like a washing machine”. Also she said we could mix could colours.

And next time, if you are going to the Auckland Art Gallery hope you have a great time.I hope you enjoyed reading my recount about the Auckland Art Gallery.If you want to find out more, you can find out more at my blog.If your a follower  of Lego your gone’n have a admirable time.

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