Friday, 4 April 2014

Key competencies

The key Competencies. What are they  you ask ? Well, the key Competencies are five key skills we use at school in order to succeed and become lifelong learners. First things first,I am going to tell you what the key competencies I need to improve and the key Competencies I am successful at.

The key Competencies that I am really successful at is Manager myself.Because I fold my arms and I listen to Miss Ouano, Whenever Miss Ouano tells my group to answer some questions I always listen first before I fold my arms.Manager yourself means that you take control of my actions and take control of yourself whenever you are angry.And Manager yourself means always trying your best at your own work,and you need to watch out with your actions with other people. For one  example what if I was not listen to my teacher and then she told me to go and fold my arms, if I had an answer and what will I say to the teacher.Why Manager yourself is very important to people who love you very much, and also Manager yourself means you Respect others and you also show empathy, which means you are respectful to others.

The key competency that I am not successful at is using language,symbols and texts.Because I really need to work on my language because that is not like saying sup to other kids around the world, so that ‘s why I am telling you this, because it is really really special to other kids and Adults around the World.I just have to learn how to use my language, symbols and texts.

Now that I told you everything I know about the key competence you should try to, do that as well with your classroom and your friends. Most of all don’t give up on your, dreams of being the most greatest life long key competences learner.

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  1. It is very good to be able to recognize what you need to improve on and what you are good at.That is the first step in improving yourself. Good job on recognizing your key competencies!


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